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Welcome to Books on Film.

 Many of the world's great novels and plays have been made into films, and watching the film can be a help in getting to know the essence of a work quickly and enjoyably. A film brings a book's characters, setting, and action to life in front of our eyes and can show us in 90 minutes or so the essentials of a story which might take us weeks to read. The wide availability of movies online and on DVD has made movies more accessible than ever before.

When studying a play, a film can be particularly helpful because the work is designed to be performed rather than read. In the case of novels, watching the movie can never be a complete substitute for reading the book. A movie is necessarily a condensed and selective interpretation of the book. Some directors will have attempted a faithful rendition of the characters and themes, while others will have simply selected aspects the book as a basis for a movie.

Within each category the list is arranged chronologically by the authors' dates. Each category also has a name index at the top. To see more information about the movies click the cover picture. I have included some television adaptations, films of plays, and film and TV documentaries about authors.

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