Andrei Tarkovsky, Russian Film Director
Introduction Filmography and Bibliography

by Ian Mackean


The Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky was born in 1932 and attended schools of music and art before enrolling in the Moscow Film School in 1954. His first feature film, his diploma submission at the school, was 'The Steamroller and The Violin' (1961), and his next film, 'Ivan's Childhood' (1962) established his international reputation when it won the Golden Lion at Venice. His place as one of the most important film directors of his period was consolidated by 'Andrei Roublev' (1966), 'Solaris' (1972), 'The Mirror' (1974), and 'Stalker' (1979).


The disapproval of the Soviet authorities made it increasingly difficult for Tarkovsky to work in Russia, and after making his next film 'Nostalgia' (1983) in Italy he defected to the West in 1984. He remained in exile to make his final film 'The Sacrifice' (1986) in Sweden, and died in December 1986. The final year of his life saw the publication of his book, 'Sculpting in Time'.

Tarkovsky's reputation as one of the greatest film directors of recent times rests on the quality and depth of his work. His films are remarkable both for their aesthetic qualities, and for their portrayal of the human spiritual quest. Tarkovsky's ambition was to raise cinema to the level of literature and the fine arts, and few would deny that he achieved this.

The last years of Tarkovsky's life were not a happy time. Although his defection enabled him to live and work freely in Europe, he never felt at home there, and always longed to be back working in the Russia he loved. At the time he became ill with cancer his work was being semi-suppressed in Russia and the authorities were refusing to allow exit visas for his teenage son and his mother-in-law. The final months of his life brought some happier events, however, when his son and mother-in-law were allowed out of Russia to visit him, and when Gorbachov's policy of 'Perestroika' finally brought him honour in his own country, and his films were shown again in Moscow.

Brief Filmography

1961 The Steamroller and the Violin. (Katok i Skrypka)
1962 Ivan's Childhood. (Ivanovo Detstvo)
1966 Andrei Roublev.
1972 Solaris.
1974 The Mirror. (Zerkalo)
1979 The Stalker.
1983 Nostalgia. (Nostalghia)
1986 The Sacrifice. (Offret).

Detailed Filmography

P.c = Production company
P = Producer
D = Director
Sc = Screenplay
Ph = Photography
Ed = Editor
A.d = Art director
M = Music
Sd = Sound

1960 The Steamroller and the Violin. (Katok i Skrypka). USSR: P.c: Mosfilm (Children's film unit). D: Andrei Tarkovsky. Sc: Andrei Tarkovsky, Andrei Mikhalkov Konchalovsky. Ph: Vadim Yusev (Sovcolor). Ed: L. Butuzova. A.d: S. Agoyan. M: Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov. Sd: V. Krachkovsky. Cast: Igor Fomchenko (Sacha), V. Zamansky (Sergei), N. Arkhangelskaya (girl), Marina Adzhubei (Mother). 46 mins.

1962 Ivan's Childhood. (Ivanovo Detstvo). USSR: P.c: Mosfilm. D: Andrei Tarkovsky. Sc: Mikhail Papava, Vladimir Bogomolov. Based on the novella 'Ivan' by V. Bogomolov. Ph: Vadim Yusev. Ed: G. Natanson. A.d: Evgeny Chernyaev. M: Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov. Sd: E. Zelentsova. Cast: Nikolai Burlyaev Cast: (Ivan), Valentin Zubkov (Capt. Rholin), E. Zharikov (Lt. Galtsev), S. Krylov (Sgt. Katasonov), V. Malyavina (Masha), Irma Tarkovskaya (Ivan's mother), Andrei Mikhalkov Konchalovsky (soldier with spectacles). 95 mins.

1966 Andrei Roublev. USSR: P.c: Mosfilm. D: Andrei Tarkovsky. Sc: Andrei Mikhalkov Konchalovsky, Andrei Tarkovsky. Ph: Vadim Yusev (Scope, part in Sovocolor). Ed: Ludmila Feyganova. A.d: Evgeny Chernyaev. M: Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov. Sd: E. Zelentsova. Cast: Anatoly Solonitsin (Andrei Roublev), Ivan Lapikov (Kyril), Nikolai Grinko (Daniel the black), Nikolai Burlyaev (Boriska), Rolan Bykov (Buffoon), Yuri Nikulin (Patrikey), Mikhail Kononov (Fomka). 186 mins.

1972 Solaris. USSR: P.c: Mosfilm. D: Andrei Tarkovsky. Sc: Andrei Tarkovsky, Freidrich Gorenstein. Based on the novel by Stanislav Lem. Ph: Vadim Yusev (Scope, Sovcolor). Ed: Ludmila Feyganova. A.d: Mikhail Romadin. M: Eduard Artemyev, Chorale prelude in F min. by J.S. Bach. Cast: Donatas Banionis (Kris Kelvin), Natalya Bondarchuk (Han), Yuri Jarvet (Snauth), Anatoly Solonitsin (Sartorius), Vladislav Dvorzhetsky (Burton), Nikolai Grinko (Father), Sos Sarkissian (Gibaryan), O. Yisilova (Kelvin's mother). 165 mins.

1974 The Mirror. (Zerkalo). USSR: P.c: Mosfilm, D: Andrei Tarkovsky. Sc. Andrei Tarkovsky, Aleksander Misharin. Ph: Georgy Rerberg (Sovcolor, part b&w.) Ed: Ludmila Feyganova. A.d: Nikolai Dvigubsky. Sets: A. Merkulov. M. Eduard Artemyev; extracts from Pergolesi, Purcell, J.S. Bach. Sd: Semyon Litvinov. Narrator: Innokenti Smoktunovsky. Arseny Tarkovsky's poems read by himself. Cast: Margarita Terekhova (Mother/Natalia), Philip Yankovsky (Ignat at 5), Ignat Daniltsev (Ignat at 12), Oleg Yakovsky (Father), Nikolai Grinko (Man at printers), Alla Demidova (Lisa), Yuri Nazarov (Military instructor). 106 mins.

1979 The Stalker. USSR: P.c: Mosfilm. D: Andrei Tarkovsky. Sc: Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky. Based on their story 'Roadside Picnic'. Ph: Aleksander Knyazhinsky (colour). Ed: Ludmila Feyganova. A.d: Andrei Tarkovsky. Sets: A. Merkulov. M: Eduard Artemyev. Sd: V. Sharun. Cast: Aleksander Konchalovsky (Stalker), Anatoly Solonitsin (Writer), Nikolai Grinko (Scientist), Alissa Freindlikh (Stalker's wife). 161 mins.

1983 Nostalgia. (Nostaighia). Italy, USSR: Pc: Opra Film. For Rete 2 TV RAI (Rome) / Sovin Film (Moscow). P: Francesco Casati. D: Andrei Tarkovsky. Sc: Andrei Tarkovsky, Tonino Guerra. Ph: Giuseppe Lanci (Eastman Colour). Ed: Eerminia Marani, Amedeo Salfa. A.d: Andrea Crisanti. M: (adviser) Gino Peguri. Sd: Remo Ugolinelli. Sd: (effects) Luciano Anzelloti, Massimo Anzelloti. Cast: Oleg Yankovsky (Andrei Gorchakov), Domiziana Giordano (Evgenia), Erland Josephson (Domenico), Patrizia Terreno, (Gorchakov's wife), Laura De Marchi (woman with towel), Delia Boccardo (Domenico's wife). 126 mins.

1986 The Sacrifice. (Offret). Sweden, France: P.c: Swedish Film Institute (Stockholm) / Argos Films (Paris). In association with Film Four International, Josephson & Nykvist, Sveriges Television/SVT2, Sandrew Film & Teater. With the participation of the French Ministry of Culture. Exec P: Anna-Lena Wibom. P: Katinka Farago. D: Andrei Tarkovsky. Sc: Andrei Tarkovsky. Ph: Sven Nykvist (Eastman Colour, part in b&w). Ed: Andrei Tarkovsky, Michal Leszczylowski. A.d: Anna Asp. M: 'St. Matthew Passion' by J.S. Bach; Swedish and Japanese folk music. Sd: Owe Svenson, Bosse Persson, Lars Ulander, Christin Loman, Wikee Peterson-Berger. Erland Josephson Cast: (Alexander), Susan Fleetwood (Adelaide), Valerie Mairesse (Julia), Allan Edwall (Otto), Gudrun Gisladottir (Maria), Sven Woliter (Victor), Filippa Franzen (Marta), Tommy Kjellqvist (Little Man), Per Kailman and Tommy Nordahl (Ambulance men). 149 mins.

Select annotated bibliography: The life and films of Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986), and Russian cinema

NB This bibliography was compiled in 1988 and does not cover publications later than that date.

This select annotated bibliography and filmography aims to cover writing on Tarkovsky in the English language published up to January 1988, the entries comprising of books, periodical articles, newspaper articles, and a complete filmography. Material about Russian cinema in general, during the time Tarkovsky was producing films, (about 1960 - 1986) is also included.

The bibliography is intended for use by students of the cinema, or Russian culture, studying Tarkovsky's life and work. The entries for periodical articles and newspaper articles have been arranged chronologically to provide a clear picture of the progress of Tarkovsky's career, showing the chronological relationship between the appearance of his films, and events such as his visits to London, major interviews, and defection. Names of specific films, or groups of films, covered by books and articles have been mentioned in the annotations so that the student can easily find all the material relating to any particular film. The bulk of this bibliography was compiled at the library of the British Film Institute, and I should like thank them for their assistance.


Periodical articles
Newspaper articles
Subject index
Author index
Newspaper and periodical index


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Periodical Articles (chronological order)

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Newspaper articles (chronological order)

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Extract from interview. An evening devoted to the memory of Tarkovsky was held at the Central Film-maker's Club in Moscow on 28th Feb. 1987.

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Subject index to bibliography

Note: The periodical and newspaper articles above have been arranged in chronological order in the bibliography, and names of films included in the notes to collocate material relating to the stages of Tarkovsky's career marked by the appearance of his films. For this reason names of specific films are not included in the subject index.

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